June 14, 2019

The entire English language, based on vowels which form the very structure of our words, may have originated via Alien AI influences. How conspicuous is it that AI and U haven’t stood out among the Alien theorists? The answer may be clear – they themselves don’t believe enough.

 Artificial Intelligence and U (you); come on, where have they been!? Too busy researching otherworldly encounters? The real evidence is right in front of them, vowels in every word I’m typing, every word they speak. Yes… AI and U (you).

Compelling speculation also suggests that all English teachers and English majors are actually pawns in this undocumented, alien AI-embedded human subliminal programming. Perhaps they are all humanoids of some kind, or alien robots? (Certainly, as odd as librarians are…)...

April 3, 2019

“I’m sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can’t do that…”

Hal was a bit obstinate uttering that famous line. Of course, it was actually Arthur C. Clark envisioning AI taking control in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The science fiction book, published in 1968, was also released as a movie that same year. In fact, today, April 3rd, marks the 51st anniversary of the film adaptation.

Like a clogged parkway toll machine that refuses to read “PAID, THANK YOU,” Hal represents a machine controlling humans – with an attitude. The former leaves you with a bunch of impatient commuters on your behind, and horns barking without remorse.

Obviously, E-ZPass® is the way to go here in the tri-state area. After all, these newer AI machines can’t get jammed with clumsy coins. In fact, it’s sort of paving the way for...

October 18, 2016

Kurt’s blog- (while Jess and Dan are on their Honeymoon!)

Sailed off to Antigua, it took her three days on a boat. Lookin’ for some peace and quiet, maybe keep her dreams afloat. Why the Jimmy Buffett reference? My co-author Jess, and Dan LaRusso are currently enjoying the amenities of the Caribbean lifestyle. Beaches, saltwater, sunshine, new friends, stingrays, sand bars, and open bars. All of these experiences manifest into great memories, and memories like this are retained in all of us at one time in our lives. Jess and Dan are now honeymooners after an awesome wedding. Perhaps an event that will foster memories upon generations yet to come, through stories and happenings that will spark life itself. Time is a relative thing. My beautiful wife and I have been married for...

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April 15, 2020

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