August 27, 2017

Blog Series – Step #5

Editing, or as authors call it, “How the hell did I miss that?!”

Editing is not our favorite task. In fact, we’d probably be safe to say that few authors truly enjoy it.

We might even say that we’ve been putting off this blog about editing because we dislike it that much.


Think of it this way: You’ve had all this fun writing your novel, and by the time it’s done, you’re probably pretty proud of it! Tears were shed; perhaps some sweat, too. If you’re a real hardcore author, there may have even been some blood (but hopefully not – paper cuts are painful!).

Yet, no matter how much time and effort you’ve dedicated to your sci-fi series, mystery novel, or even a memoir, there are bound to be a few – in fact, probably more than a few – errors throughout.

It’s am...

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