December 25, 2017

With Bells On

Holly, Ivy, and their respective husband, boyfriend, and puppy all made it safely to the Kringles’ for Christmas Eve. Mr. and Mrs. Kringle were also delighted to find out that the entire extended family would be able to make it to town, despite the recent snowstorm.

The Kringles and their extended family exchanged gifts, served delicious food, and most importantly, got to spend time talking, laughing, and enjoying the company of their favorite people. 

And, with plenty of cheer to go around, and the remaining decorations in place, no one even thought to ask where the Christmas tree was.

December 24, 2017

A White Christmas

It’s rare that snowfall exceeds more than a couple inches so early in the winter, but then again, nothing about this holiday season was proving to be normal. On the 23rd, a nor’easter moved in and dumped two glorious feet of white, powdery snow on the Kringles’ sleepy little town.

Mr. Kringle ran the snow blower three separate times.

Mrs. Kringle shoveled the walkways and scrubbed the foyer tile, cleaning up after snowy boots.

But still, it was uncertain as to whether everyone would be able to dig themselves out in time for the festivities.

December 23, 2017

The Butterscotch Blunder

Mr. Kringle waited, perhaps not so patiently, around for the butterscotch morsels to arrive just three days before Christmas. Finally, at 8 pm, he heard a knock at the door that was sure to be the delivery.

He signed for the package, and although the box appeared to be the right size, its contents were terribly wrong.

Instead of three packages of butterscotch morsels, what he found inside the package was a sea monkey starter kit.

He looked again at the label on the package. It was addressed to his neighbor, Buddy.

Just then, he received a text from Buddy:

Are you by any chance waiting on some butterscotch morsels?

Mr. Kringle breathed a sigh of relief as he grabbed his coat.

December 23, 2017

Snowball’s Chocolate Surprise

Snowball was usually pretty good about not getting into Christmas gifts, but this year, Mrs. Kringle made up a gift basket for her aunt with lots of snacks.  Without realizing the contents of the basket, Mr. Kringle placed it under the tree, next to the other gifts. Snowball got bored while Mr. and Mrs. Kringle were in the midst of wrapping and cooking, and before they knew it, the basket and its contents had been decimated.

There had been a significant amount of chocolate in the basket, but after a $700 vet bill, it appeared Snowball would be alright.

December 21, 2017

You Mean You Forgot Butterscotch Too?

Christmas was quickly approaching, and Mr. and Mrs. Kringle realized their tray of desserts was looking quite sparse for their upcoming Christmas Eve party. Mr. Kringle decided to head out to pick up supplies for the family favorite, butterscotch peanut butter krispie cookies.

There were just three ingredients needed for the cookies: rice krispie cereal, creamy peanut butter, and butterscotch morsels. For two of the items on his list, Mr. Kringle even had coupons! Yet, as he browsed through the baking goods aisle, Mr. Kringle experienced an increasing sense of anxiety when he realized he could not locate the butterscotch morsels.

Three stores later, and still no luck.

The only place he could find them was on Amazon. Thankfully, the two-day sh...

December 20, 2017

Two Horns a Honking

The next day, Mr. Kringle drove Mrs. Kringle to the doctor’s office to have her back looked at. There was only one parking spot remaining at the doctor’s office – never a good sign – but Mr. Kringle was happy he could find even one. After dropping Mrs. Kringle off at the front, he pulled into the spot, only to have a gentleman whip his door open into his own passenger side door. The man looked as surprised as Mr. Kringle by the act, and was clearly distraught. He mouthed “I’m sorry,” and motioned for Mr. Kringle to roll the window down.

They exchanged phone numbers and the gentleman offered to have the dent repaired by his son, who apparently owned an auto body shop.  Another dose of poor luck… but at least it came with a resolution.

And then, another bright...

December 20, 2017

The Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Have you heard about the upside-down Christmas tree trend taking over? It may seem as if it’s just starting to pop up all over Pinterest and Instagram right now, but the tradition actually dates back to the 1500s!

Mrs. Kringle wanted to try creating her own upside-down look, for a few good reasons. For one, the tree they’d smashed into the garage door frame was missing a few branches, but Mrs. Kringle hoped that perhaps it would be less noticeable when suspended from the ceiling.

For another, Mrs. Kringle had a pet cat, Mrs. Claws, who absolutely could not resist the tree. Every year, trying to keep her away from the tree proved to be a tremendous challenge. This year, Mrs. Kringle just wasn’t up for it.

Mrs. Kringle set out designing Pinterest boar...

December 18, 2017

Aquatic Equestrians

Mr. and Mrs. Kringle have a set of nieces whose lists become increasingly challenging with each new year. It’s not that the gifts are expensive; they’re just deceptively hard to find.

This year, both girls wanted a special talking pony mermaid. Mrs. Kringle had never heard of these pony mermaids before, but was grateful she’d asked their mother for ideas well in advance. This gave her plenty of time to not only track down the elusive gifts, but also to find the best price on them.

After spending a significant portion of the afternoon searching online for the pony mermaids (NOT to be confused with seahorses), she finally came across a site that had them in stock. Of course, the panic-inducing message popped up next to the toys: Only 2 left! Order soon!

She put...

December 17, 2017

The Cheesiest Gift Ever

At work, Mrs. Kringle participates in a Secret Santa swap every year. Being the generous, kindhearted person that she is, Mrs. Kringle always puts a significant amount of thought into her gifts. This year, she had Mr. Cornelius, an avid outdoorsman, as her recipient.

She even took the time to ask around the office to find out what was at the top of his Christmas list. Rumor had it he was looking for a handcrafted pickaxe. Not only did she order one from Etsy – back in October, when Secret Santas were originally assigned – but she also had his name etched into the handle.

And what did Mrs. Kringle receive in return? A subscription to Cheese of the Month Club. She couldn’t fault Herbie, one of her direct reports, who had her as his Secret Santa recipient. H...

December 16, 2017

Making a Toast

One of Mr. Kringle’s favorite traditions is making Christmas cookies with his daughters, Holly and Ivy. It was a the chilliest evening of the year when they started rolling out the dough, but things got rather warm, rather quickly.

You see, part of the Kringle tradition is making Danish “krumkaker” (the plural form of krumkake, which translates literally to “bent cake”). The process isn’t difficult, but there are a few steps involved, some of which require the use of an electric krumkake iron.

Like a waffle iron – or really, any other iron you could think of – these tools get very hot. Mr. Kringle overlooked his placement of the flour bag, and wasn’t long before it, and the entire kitchen counter, had gone up in flames.

All was not calm, but all was certainly brigh...

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