May 25, 2017

Blog Series – Step #4

Book Reviews, Marketing, and an Interview with author and Night Owl reviewer T.C. Lo Tempio

So we said in our last blog, #3 in our series “A Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book,” that we’d address the topic of editing. It turns out that’s not true. Why, you ask? Because writing about editing is almost as painful as the task itself! Honestly, we’ll touch on editing in our next blog, we promise! (Maybe.) In the meantime, we’ve decided to discuss something much cooler and more exciting.

In this blog, but we wanted to touch on marketing and reviews in an effort to share our experience further, and add our thoughts about getting you prepared early on. (And trust us, when it comes to marketing your book, it’s never too early to start.) Be mindful though,...

March 25, 2017

Blog Series – Step #3

How to Ace Your Acknowledgments, Back Matter & More

Happy Spring, readers! It’s been a long winter up here in the Northeast, with temperatures ranging all over the place lately. Just a few weeks ago we experienced a mid-February tease in which the temps climbed to the upper 60s, but then winter made a late reappearance and we were slammed with 22 inches of snow! Our fingers are finally defrosted enough to continue our blog series.

So here it is: the third step in our indie author self-publishing experience. During this installment of “A Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book,” we’ll discuss how to write an acknowledgments page, along with how to write an author bio for a self-published novel. We’ll also explain how to write back matter for your novel....

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