February 15, 2018

Hello readers, followers, and fellow indie authors!

February is upon us, so the New Year is truly underway. With every New Year, one might say there are new possibilities, but an optimist might argue that every day brings new opportunities! Every day also brings changes, but oftentimes, these changes actually create new opportunities as well. It’s natural to be a bit hesitant – perhaps even resistant – towards changes, but uncertainty should never hold anyone back from what could be a wonderful opportunity.

On that note, for our sixth blog in “A Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Your Book,” we’ve decided to talk about a change we’re navigating in real-time. As indie authors, we’re always on the hunt for new marketing ideas. Goodreads has always been an excellent platform for re...

November 20, 2017

On a chilly October night, a lone spirit winds his way down the path of a deserted graveyard. It’s the night of Friday the 13th, and the moon is full, illuminating the desolate cemetery. Dead leaves cover the tombstones, but it’s not just this autumn’s brush that render the markers illegible. Years’ worth of dirt has caked its way into the fine lettering; the epitaphs can no longer be made out.

But the spirit doesn’t have to read the headstones to know what they say. His decades-long haunt of the cemetery has afforded him the opportunity to memorize each and every inscription, to the point where he even knows the precise dates for everyone buried within. On long, quiet, lonesome nights, he studies the markers. Tonight, however, should not be one of those nights.

You see, the ce...

October 11, 2017

Happy October, readers! Is it just us, or does October seem like the very best time of year to get wrapped up in a book? Maybe it’s the sudden chill in the air (which, frankly, we haven’t really experienced yet here in NJ!), the “spooky” feeling we get as Halloween approaches, or the fact that days are getting shorter and we’re spending more time indoors. Whatever it is, we’re so glad to “live in a world where there are Octobers!” (Anyone a fan of Anne of Green Gables? Author L.M. Montgomery is credited for coming up with this quote, which you’re probably seeing all over Instagram lately!)

Speaking of authors, our very own sci-fi author Jess recently traveled to the birthplace of famous writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. What better place is there to spend a weekend in October than S...

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