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Welcome to Computer Love Inc.!

Rethink Reality

Question the Future

What our readers are saying about the Computer Love Inc. trilogy:

"The Best Book for Sci Fi Fans... An amazing book and series that every science fiction fan should get their hands on... Cannot wait to see what this father daughter writing duo comes up with next!" 
-T.C. LoTempio, author of Meow if it's Murder, national bestseller

"Fans of this genre will immediately fall in love with the plot. It is fast-paced, exciting, and pulls readers into its depth."

-Danielle U., Amazon reviewer

"The story ended with a bang... My jaw, literally, dropped."
-J. Else, a Goodreads reviewer


"A fascinating look into the future." 4.5 stars

-Kat Lister, Amazon reviewer

Computer Love Inc. is the story of an imminent biorobotics boom, a questionable death, and two young paramedics who stumble into a technological nightmare in the form of a tiny bluemicrochip. With the help of an eccentric godfather, they become compelled to unlock the mystery of what's become of a famed artificial intelligence manufacturer, forced to make troubling moral decisions along the way. Through sharp twists and action paced faster than an aircar, Computer Love Inc. weaves a complex technological tale of conflict and camaraderie, all the while leading us to ask ourselves, what does it mean to be a true friend? And should some truths remain unspoken? To buy the books click on the picture above!

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