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Blood Brothers to Be Released In June!

Computer Love Inc. III Blood Brothers is scheduled for release this June! In celebration of the upcoming release, our first two science fiction thriller eBooks in the series are on sale for just 99 cents. You may also want to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages during the month of April - each week, we are holding a free book giveaway contest! We would like to thank all of our science fiction readers as well as our Facebook and Twitter followers. Much has happened in our lives since we released Computer Love Inc. and Computer Love Inc. II: Gestation. Jess met a wonderful man, and is now engaged to be married this fall. She is far from a "bridezilla," and we are working together on the latest re-write of Computer Love Inc. III Blood Brothers in parallel with wedding plans! Stay tuned for the release of our third sci-fi thriller and sign up on our e-mail list (we do NOT send spam - promise!) and we'll notify you of the official release date for Computer Love Inc. III Blood Brothers. If you would like to contact us, we can be reached on FB, Twitter, or at

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