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AEIOU: AI & U, Alien Origins, & Subliminal Vowels

The entire English language, based on vowels which form the very structure of our words, may have originated via Alien AI influences. How conspicuous is it that AI and U haven’t stood out among the Alien theorists? The answer may be clear – they themselves don’t believe enough.

Artificial Intelligence and U (you); come on, where have they been!? Too busy researching otherworldly encounters? The real evidence is right in front of them, vowels in every word I’m typing, every word they speak. Yes… AI and U (you).

Compelling speculation also suggests that all English teachers and English majors are actually pawns in this undocumented, alien AI-embedded human subliminal programming. Perhaps they are all humanoids of some kind, or alien robots? (Certainly, as odd as librarians are…). Constantly drilling in AEIOU into our heads all this time, they’ve trained us like Pavlov’s dog, pieces in a 3D chess game, or simple amusement for alien spectators watching yet another holographic celestial reality show.

For all of the undocumented hordes of non-believers chanting, “What about the other vowels E and O, and sometimes, they ask, Y?!” We’re getting there. Clearly, this is obviously a poor attempt in spreading propaganda, and a gross underestimation of just how intelligent and convoluted the alien AI species can be.

It’s painfully obvious why the E and O are missing from this subliminal wake-up call from our alien ancestors.

E clearly stands for…. wait for it… Extraterrestrial! And O, ha, you ask? Outer space……

And don’t even ask Y.

One undocumented AI alien theorist was posed the question regarding the AEIOU Alien theory and they were quoted in saying, “That sounds like pure bullshit, but it might make a fun blog.”

Based on this new hypothesis, artificial intelligence exists within aliens in outer space, just as it does on Earth, and they have planted the seeds of AI and U in all of our heads since the conception of vowels and the written word. A brilliant, preconceived form of subliminal planetary vowel terraforming (uncommonly known as SPVT). All of the literature from Twain to Tolstoy, has been embedded into our brains, AEIOU, solely and clearly, for their own amusement.

AEIOU: are they literary vowels or an extraterrestrial acronym? Artificial Extraterrestrial Intelligence from Outer space and U. Sounds like a new corporate initiative.

Shun the non-believers! Join the masses that refuse to use vowels! W hp tht y njd ths.

This blog is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any media you might reflect upon is purely for fun and certainly not related to anything you’ve seen, ever. With the exception of the fact that it’s fun to jest with one’s own genre.

Introspectively thinking, on a daily basis, we’re all on a planet that’s traveling around our sun at 67,000 miles per hour while rotating at 460 meters per second (roughly 1000 miles per hour), in a solar system within a galaxy that we’ve not fully explored – a galaxy filled with other solar systems such as ours (with eight or nine planets, or so, is Pluto still a planet? A blog for another day, perhaps…). Add an entrée of an underestimated 100 billion other galaxies, and the existence of both alien (to us) life and AI come to a wandering mind.

We hope you enjoy our blogs and our Computer Love Inc series. Please still use vowels.

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