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Happy 4th

Fourth of July is approaching, and we want to wish all of our readers a safe and happy holiday. We also want to remind you that, regardless of your political views, we live in a country that allows us to celebrate holidays such as this one and enjoy spending time with our loved ones. So maybe, for one weekend at least, we should all just sit back and enjoy this great nation. The birthday of the USA as a free nation is a time to be enjoyed, and a time to be kind to all of your fellow citizens, regardless of who you think should be in office next year.

This Fourth of July, take some time to do whatever it is you love most over the three-day weekend - whether it's fishing, reading a science fiction novel (ok, we might be a little biased - any novel will work :) ), enjoying fireworks, or anything at all! As for us, we envision some lake fishing, editing of our sci-fi novel, grilling, and anything other of our favorite pastimes. Because that's what our American freedom allows us to do - enjoy the pastimes we cherish most with the people we love, independently.

We also have some exciting news coming for August... We have an interview scheduled with Toni LoTempio's Rocco! More details to come...

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