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Searching for a Series to Fall Into?

Searching for a unique sci-fi trilogy?

We may be biased, but we’re also very excited to announce that we’ve just wrapped up our release of the Computer Love Inc. trilogy. It’s now available both as a paperback and in eBook format through Amazon, so if you’re looking for a series that you can enjoy from start to finish either as a paperback or on your Kindle, we invite you to check it out! Sci-fi thrillers make perfect fall books, so while the leaves change and your pumpkin spice coffee is brewing, it’s the ideal time to get cozy with a new story!

With the holidays approaching, we are also planning a Goodreads giveaway, so remember to keep checking back here, on our Goodreads page, and on Facebook for updates – especially if you’re interested in winning free author-signed copies of our complete sci-fi trilogy!

If you are new to our site and are unfamiliar with the Computer Love Inc. trilogy, check us out on Amazon for in-depth reader reviews and to view the first few pages of each book for free.

As always, we are so grateful for our fans and supporters and hope that you all find our latest novel as thought-provoking, unique, and entertaining as the previous novels. We hope that our sci-fi series ignites some thoughts about the possibility of our future, including where technology may take us and how fiction could one day become a reality. Enjoy the ride, and by all means, carpe diem!

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