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October Sci-Fi Book Giveaway

A blog from Kurt – Free Book Giveaway

Jess and I have been crazy busy lately! From the e-book and paperback release of Computer Love Inc. III Blood Brothers, to the attempted timely release of my latest song, Vampire of Love, as well as Jess’s wedding plans, life is hopping!

Yes, friends, Jess is getting married! My favorite co-author is tying the knot this month. As a co-author and Dad I’m ecstatic about this. You see, my future son-in-law is not only a great person, but he built this web site for us also! So now, I appear to be a rather lucky guy. My daughter is a co-author and my future son in law builds web sites (help with brake jobs doesn’t hurt either). Not too hard to take!

I decided to write this blog while Jess deals with what she calls “Bride Brain.” I also believe that there are other descriptions for the loved ones surrounding her at this time, such as Mother of the Bride Brain, Sister of the Bride Brain, and perhaps even, Father of the Bride Brain. I’m not sure about the cockatoo or the dog; they seem more concerned about their food dishes.

With all of this activity, we thought, why not let our readers celebrate with us while Jess is on her honeymoon? So we’ve started a free book giveaway on Goodreads. The giveaway is live now, so if you are new to our trilogy, sign up for the contest! We are giving away five signed copies of Computer Love Inc. so your chances to win look great!

Thanks for visiting our site, and happy reading!

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