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M2's Out-of-this-World, No Bake Holiday Cookies


1 Cup of Creamy Peanut Butter (Skippy)

1 Bag of Butterscotch Morsels

6 Cups of puffed rice cereal (Rice Krispies)

Start a double boiler with the peanut butter and butterscotch morsels combined. Stir frequently over medium heat until it melts and becomes a smooth mixture.

Put six cups of Rice Krispies into a large mixing bowl and pour the melted peanut butter and butterscotch mixture into the Rice Krispies.

Stir it up until all the puffed rice is coated with the mixture.

Using two spoons, spoon the mixture onto wax paper into edible sized portions, and let them cool on the deck, front porch, by an open window, in your aircar, whatever.

Try one and let us know what you think.

Happy Holidays from Jess, Kurt, and Computer Love Inc.!

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