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Where Have You Been This Winter?

Winter is traditionally a time for staying in, but if you live in the Northeast like we do, that would mean that you'd spend a good portion of your time indoors from October through April. Being that this span of time accounts for nearly half the year, that's simply not possible for us! So we say, go out, have fun, and pretend it's NOT winter at all!

In late January, for instance, Jess celebrated her sister's 20th birthday with her and their mom in NYC. What was supposed to be a quick lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe turned into a full-blown tour of the iconic restaurant, and they were even fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Times Square from atop the marquee! As you can see from the picture, getting out and exploring - even when you feel like hibernating and bingeing on Netflix - can certainly prove worthwhile.

So, we ask you - where have you been this winter? There's certainly no shame in enjoying a cozy afternoon indoors (hopefully with your favorite sci-fi novel!) every now and then, but we hope that you make some time for adventures, too. Even when the weather's cold, there's still plenty of fun to be had out there. Go carpe diem and enjoy!

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