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The 12 Blogs of Christmas: Day 4

The Cheesiest Gift Ever

At work, Mrs. Kringle participates in a Secret Santa swap every year. Being the generous, kindhearted person that she is, Mrs. Kringle always puts a significant amount of thought into her gifts. This year, she had Mr. Cornelius, an avid outdoorsman, as her recipient.

She even took the time to ask around the office to find out what was at the top of his Christmas list. Rumor had it he was looking for a handcrafted pickaxe. Not only did she order one from Etsy – back in October, when Secret Santas were originally assigned – but she also had his name etched into the handle.

And what did Mrs. Kringle receive in return? A subscription to Cheese of the Month Club. She couldn’t fault Herbie, one of her direct reports, who had her as his Secret Santa recipient. He couldn’t have known she was lactose intolerant.

Yet, the usually-jubilant Mrs. Kringle couldn’t help but think she’d keep this in mind when it would come time for performance reviews. She always overheard the little jerk talking about wanting to go to dental school anyhow.

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