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The 12 Blogs of Christmas: Day 5

Aquatic Equestrians

Mr. and Mrs. Kringle have a set of nieces whose lists become increasingly challenging with each new year. It’s not that the gifts are expensive; they’re just deceptively hard to find.

This year, both girls wanted a special talking pony mermaid. Mrs. Kringle had never heard of these pony mermaids before, but was grateful she’d asked their mother for ideas well in advance. This gave her plenty of time to not only track down the elusive gifts, but also to find the best price on them.

After spending a significant portion of the afternoon searching online for the pony mermaids (NOT to be confused with seahorses), she finally came across a site that had them in stock. Of course, the panic-inducing message popped up next to the toys: Only 2 left! Order soon!

She put them in the cart and checked out faster than you could say, “Santa.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until that night when she got the email saying her order had been cancelled due to insufficient stock.

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