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The 12 Blogs of Christmas: Day 6

The Upside-Down Christmas Tree

Have you heard about the upside-down Christmas tree trend taking over? It may seem as if it’s just starting to pop up all over Pinterest and Instagram right now, but the tradition actually dates back to the 1500s!

Mrs. Kringle wanted to try creating her own upside-down look, for a few good reasons. For one, the tree they’d smashed into the garage door frame was missing a few branches, but Mrs. Kringle hoped that perhaps it would be less noticeable when suspended from the ceiling.

For another, Mrs. Kringle had a pet cat, Mrs. Claws, who absolutely could not resist the tree. Every year, trying to keep her away from the tree proved to be a tremendous challenge. This year, Mrs. Kringle just wasn’t up for it.

Mrs. Kringle set out designing Pinterest boards, gathered her supplies from the craft store, and had everything ready to go. The look was actually easier to achieve than she’d hoped.

But nothing could prepare her for Mrs. Claws’ decision to launch herself at the tree, which apparently wasn’t as secure in its stand as it should have been. The tree, the cat, and all of the ornaments toppled down to the ground, shattering years of collected trinkets and memories in an earth-shattering heap.

Mrs. Kringle tried to stop it all from happening, and threw her back out in the process.

The darn cat landed on its feet anyhow.

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