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The 12 Blogs of Christmas: Day 7

Two Horns a Honking

The next day, Mr. Kringle drove Mrs. Kringle to the doctor’s office to have her back looked at. There was only one parking spot remaining at the doctor’s office – never a good sign – but Mr. Kringle was happy he could find even one. After dropping Mrs. Kringle off at the front, he pulled into the spot, only to have a gentleman whip his door open into his own passenger side door. The man looked as surprised as Mr. Kringle by the act, and was clearly distraught. He mouthed “I’m sorry,” and motioned for Mr. Kringle to roll the window down.

They exchanged phone numbers and the gentleman offered to have the dent repaired by his son, who apparently owned an auto body shop. Another dose of poor luck… but at least it came with a resolution.

And then, another bright note: Mrs. Kringle hadn’t thrown her back out after all. She’d hurt her shoulder, but with the cortisone shot the doc had administered, it would likely be better within 48 hours.

Could the seemingly cursed Christmas luck actually be turning around?

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