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Addicted to Pokemon Go? Read This!

How many chews could a Pickachu chew if a Pickachu could chew a Pickachu?

Gesundheit for reading that title! (Get it? Pik… achoo!)

If you’re like many of our readers (or, ahem… Jess), you may be suffering from Pokemon Go fever. If you’ve found yourself dreaming of Squirtles, Wartotles, or even a Blastoise, you know what we mean. Perhaps your Jigglypuff is now a coveted Wigglypuff. Maybe you’ve captured enough Charmander candy to evolve yours into a Charmeleon. Have you been MIA recently, walking or driving around in pursuit of the closest Poke Stop or gym?

For starters, we’d like to commend you on staying away from the game for this long and reading something other than the latest Google results for “Poke Stops near me” or “Pokemon Go Tips.” Yes, reading – remember that? The activity you used to do before all of your energy was directed towards evolving as many Eevees as you could? (Again, Jess can relate here – she was really hoping for a Jolteon instead of a Vaporeon, but Pokemon masters can’t be choosers, right?)

A Brief History of Pokemon

As science fiction writers, we’re actually ecstatic about the Pokemon revolution. It’s rare for a fad of yesteryear to make such a strong and successful return, and since Jess grew up with binders full of Pokemon cards, there’s quite a bit of nostalgia going around. Fiction – in any form – is one of the greatest escapes from our “normal” lives, and Pokemon are no exception. In fact, one might even argue that Pokemon are one of the coolest forms of science fiction. Did you know they were created by a brilliant individual by the name of Satoshi Tajiri in 1995? Now, they’ve been revolutionized by remote gaming.

It's All About Balance

With that said, science fiction writers and readers alike are innately drawn to books. We love books… they let your imagination run wild without running up your data bills. So, should you find yourself fresh out of Pokeballs, or if you’re simply interested in reducing your odds of bodily harm and gas bills via roaming the local neighborhoods while building your Pokemon army, we invite you to put it down… if only for a few minutes. Enjoy a book! Ours are only 99 cents for a limited time.

While you could spend that on another 15 Pokeballs which might catch you more Weedles and Spearows, we think a new book might be more rewarding. Of course, we’re a bit biased, but Jess is doing a successful job of juggling her Pokeballs, along with reading The Girls by Emma Klien – not to mention wrapping up our own science fiction novel! So remember, summer is short. You may not be able to catch ‘em all, but you can certainly try to do it all. Make a summer bucket list, and go for it!

Safe travels, happy reading, and enjoy your summer, Pokemon masters!

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