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ROCCO the Cat, Nash FM, and More!

Are you ready for Computer Love Inc.: III Blood Brothers?! We have been reviewing the final copy and we’ve made a few last-minute tweaks. We expect to release it any day now, so stay tuned for updates!

We are so excited about our interview with Rocco this weekend. It is not often that we are interviewed by such a prominent celebrity, furry or otherwise. We want to thank national bestseller, Toni LoTempio, for the opportunity, and if you like cozy mysteries, be sure to check out her Nick and Nora series!

For the fussy readers out there (and let’s face it, we can all get a little “fussy” when it comes to choosing the next title to put on our to-read lists), you can also check us out on Fussy Librarian this weekend. We want to thank the Head Librarian for the opportunity to be featured there as well. They’re a great resource for avid readers and provide daily book recommendations in all genres.

If you like music, too, check out Kurt’s submission to the Nash FM 94.7 NEXT contest. You can listen to new artists performing covers of popular songs and vote for your favorite here.

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